The Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

Government Saadat College

Karatia, Tangail-1903

Established: 1926

College Code: 0070, NU Code: 5301, EIIN: 114747

Day/Time 9.00--9.45 9.45--10.30 10.30--11.15 11.15--12.00 12.00--12.45 12.45--1.30 1.30--2.00 2.00--2.45 2.45--3.30
SNR-1st year,course code-213703
 ATR- 2nd year,course code-223701
ATR- 1st year,course code-213703
SNR-2nd year,course code-223703 
Chemistry-1st year,course code-212807
Physics-2nd year,course code-222707
 SNR-3rd year,course code-233703
 ATR- 4th year,course code-243703 
ATR-1st year,course code-213711
ARD-2nd year B.Sc(pass) 
 ATR-3rd year,course code-233713
SNR-4th year,course code-243717
SNR-2nd year, Non-Major,course code-223707
 ARD-M.Sc (Final) 
SNR- B.Sc (pass) 1st year 
 SS- B.Sc (pass) 3rd year
 MH-M.Sc (Final) Lattice Theory
SNR- M.Sc (Final) Geometry Manifold 
ARD- 1st year ,code-
SNR- 2nd year,code-
MH- 1st year, code-
ATR- 2nd year,code- 
physics-1st year
chemistry-2nd year
ATR-3rd year ,code-
MH-4rth year,code-
physics,2nd year,code- 
SNR-3rd year,code-MH-1st year non major,ATR-B.Sc (pass) 2nd year
MH-3rd year ,code-
SNR- 4rth year ,code-
ARD- 2nd year ,(Non major)
MH-M.Sc (final)
SNR-B.Sc(pass) 1st year
SNR-M.Sc (final) 
ARD- 1st year,code-
SNR-2dn year,code-
MH - 1st year,code-
ATR- 2nd year,code- 
Physics- 1st year,code-
Chemistry-2nd year,code-
ARD-3rd year ,code
 MH-4th year ,code- 
History-1st year
SS-3rd year ,code-
ARD-4th year ,code-
SNR- 1st year Non major
ARD- B.Sc(pass) 2nd year
ATR-3rd year ,code-
ATR-2nd year , Non major-
ARD- M.Sc (Final) ,code- 
MH-B.Sc.(pass) 1st year
 MH-B.Sc.(pass) 3rd year
SS- 1st year
SNR-2nd year
SNR-1st year
MH-2nd year 
physics -1st year
chemistry-2nd year
MH-3nd year
SNR-4th year 
History-1st year
English-2nd year
SNR-3d year
ARD-4th year
ARD-2nd year B.Sc(pass)
MH-3nd year B.Sc(pass)
MH- 1st year
ARD- M.Sc(Final)
ATR-1st year
MH-2nd year
SNR-1st year
MH-2nd year 
History-1st year
Chemistry 2nd year
MH-3rd year
ATR-4th year 
Physics-1st year
ATR-3th year
MH-4th year
SS-3rd year
Library Work