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Message of the Principal

I am glad to host a full-fledged dynamic website to meet the needs of all concerned about Government Saadat College, Karatia, Tangail. I hope, this site will play a vital role in the continuous journey towards the information super highway of Digital Bangladesh. It will definitely enhance the administrative efficiency and save time as well. All our teachers, students and their gurdians will be united to a unique unison. The famous Zamindar of the sub-continent Maulavi Wazed Ali Khan Panni along with the whole hearted support of founding Principal Ibrahim Kha founded this college which was later known as the Aligarh of Bengal. The Institution has been contributing greatly to the amelioration of education since 1926. We are looking ahead to a tremendous success and prosperity in near future. Principal Govt. Saadat College Karatia, Tangail.

Message of the Vice-Principal

It is an honour for me to have been a part of Government Saadat College, Karatia, Tangail which is known as the Aligarh of Bengal. The future history will repeatedly revere and remember the sacrifice of Maulavi Wazed Ali Khan Panni, the founder of Government Saadat College, along with educationist and founding Principal Ibrahim Kha for their contributions. It has been playing a significant role in expanding higher education in this region since 1926. It is a matter of pleasure that we have recently launched a full-fledged dynamic website to integrate all our teachers, students and their guardians to a single platform for academic and administrative purposes. I believe and hope that this effort will certainly add a new dimension to the development of Digital Bangladesh. I think, it will help create more scopes to ensure quality education of the college. Vice-Principal Govt. Saadat College Karatia, Tangail.

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Teachers' Council
Government Saadat College
Karatia, Tangail

Total Position : 4

Serial Position Officers' Name Designation and Subject From To
1. President Professor Md. Rezaul Karim The Principal, Govt. Saadat College 01-06-2017 Till date
2. Secretary Md. Asaduzzaman Associate Professor of Bangla 01-06-2017 Till date
3. Joint Secretary Md. Mustafizur Rahman Assistant Professor of Management 01-06-2017 Till date
4. Treasurer Md. Dost Mahmud Lecturer in Zoology 01-06-2017 Till date

Message of the President Photo

Government Saadat College Teachers' Council has a glorious historic background since 1926. It is a very dynamic and powerful council. It is a platform for the teachers where they can share their professional views and ideas each other. It is as a spokesman works like a bridge between the college administration and the teachers. It supports the administration all time with valuable advice and close cooperation. It is also a platform to uphold prestige and dignity of the teachers of the college. On the other hand, teachers' council keeps the administration out of pressure from external issues. As a president of the council I want it very strong and effective.

image of the President Professor Md. Rezaul Karim

Message of the Secretary Photo

I am grateful to all of my colleagues for electing me Secretary of the Teachers' Council without any contest. I am very happy to be the part of this scholar council. I would like to keep the prestige and dignity of the teachers to the highest pick. I want to cooperate all of my colleagues and college administration with my merit, honesty and hard work through all the activities of our college. I also seek active support on me to work smoothly. I wish your peace, prosperity and healthy long life.

image of the secretary
Md. Asaduzzaman

Message of the Joint Secretary Photo

The Teachers' Council of the Government Saadat College is playing a vital role to sustain and restore the prestige and dignity of the teachers of this college for a long time. We happily remember the contributions of the valued members of this council. I am very glad to be the part of this holy council. I am sincerely grateful to all the teachers of this college to make me win through election for the second time. I would like to serve you with utmost sincereity and honesty with your continuous support on me. Please keep me in your prayers.

image of the joint secretary
Md. Mustafizur Rahman

Message of the Treasurer Photo

Assalamualikum. I am really grateful to you for electing me the treasurer of the teachers' council for the year 2017-18. I seek your continuous support on me to serve you with honesty and utmost sincerity. All the time I shall work to protect the prestige and dignity of you.

image of the treasurer
Md. Dost Mahmud
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